Research Projects

My research is in the intersection of applied math and atmospheric sciences. I build and work with models of varying complexity: from energy balance models to global climate models. I am interested in explaining the underlying mechanisms of atmosphere dynamics from Earth's El Niño to distant exoplanets. I use models to study the atmospheres of Super-Earths and Mini-Neptunes, and to look for planets that might undergo temporary Snowball states.

I am working with Alice Nadeau to study the effects of obliquity on the snowball state on rapidly rotating rocky planets. I was accepted to present this talk at the 2020 SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE20) on June 8, but MPE20 was cancelled due to Covid-19. Click here for abstract.

The paper is currently under review. A preprint of this paper is available on ArXiv.

I am currently working with Alice Nadeau and Anushka Naranyan to extend this work to Mars and its variable obliquity.


I am participating in the MCRN (Mathematics of Climate Research Network) summer school and academic year engagement program.  In our project, we are exploring a mathematical definition of the Spring Predictability Barrier of El Niño. This work was presented at MPE20. Click here for abstract. You can watch the recorded talk here.

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I am also working with Nikole Lewis, Tiffany Kataria, and Alice Nadeau on a two-dimensional general circulation model (GCM) with a spectral core for Mini-Neptune/Super-Earth exoplanets.