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Research Projects

I am interested in mathematical models as the interface of mathematics and the real world. I build and work with models of varying complexity.  I've used dynamical systems models to study a wide range of phenomena -- from voter turnout to planets beyond our solar system. I am bringing these interests together by building a model of how public support for climate policy can be influenced by migration and strategic investment in clean energy. I am interested in investigating strategies to overcome political polarization in the U.S. I am passionate about complex systems, open science, and interdisciplinary research.

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Past research projects:

  • How a minority can win: Unrepresentative outcomes in a simple model of voter turnout with Jonas Juul and Steven Strogatz. In this work, we model a network where voters make their decision on whether to vote or not based on the local information about their network. For a quick summary of this work, see my Twitter thread.

  • Impacts of Noise on a Dynamical Systems Model of El Niño through the Mathematics of Climate Research Network summer school and academic year engagement program. This work was presented at SIAM Mathematics of Planet Earth Conference. You can watch the recorded talk by my collaborator Katie Slyman here

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