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Brown University:

  • TA, APMA 1650: Statistical Inference I, Fall 2015

  • TA, APMA 1650: Statistical Inference I, Spring 2017

​Cornell University:

  • TA, MATH 4210: Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Spring 2020.

  • TA, MATH 3610: Mathematical Modeling, Fall 2019.

  • TA, MATH 2930: Differential Equations for Engineers, Spring 2019. 


  • Instructor, M14095: Mathematical Models and How to Build One, Summer 2020

    • Designed and taught a six-session online class in mathematical modeling for high school students. Topics included: the basics of modeling, population dynamics (predator-prey and language competition), stochastic modeling, evolutionary dynamics and game theory. The material was taught using Jupyter notebooks. Students completed a group capstone project. Contact me for any materials. ​

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